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Nama Zakat Website

The goal is to build a society in line with the responsibility imposed by reality towards which our nation and its place «Kjer nation out of people» and shift including dictates us our religion and our religious law purposes.   Our aim is to fight against vice and resistance to social ills and harmful habits and taboos Kalmskrat, prostitution, gambling and usury and guide young people to the way of truth and integrity and leisure time for the benefit and the benefit and provide valid approaches to the competent authorities in all matters such as education and information regarding the benefit of the public interest and in accordance with the Islamic legislation.   It societies to find solutions effective dilemmas facing our Islamic society and striving towards them and take care of religion and the call to transmit the morality among individuals for reservation for this community entity and its components and the collection of the nation on the principles of Islam and its call for the introduction of its ideology and approach and behavior.  
  • Category: Website Development.
  • Client: Social Reform Society.
  • Date: 24/11/2019
  • Website: www.namaakw.net

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